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The other admins and I have been discussing a standard of quality in member submissions. At the beginning, we said we'd accept all work regardless of skill level as long as it looks as if they spent time and effort in their fanart. Unfortunately, people still submit pencil sketches that took them 5 minutes, that are drawn on binder paper... or they submit things that aren't fanart... or they submit their entire gallery. If you've done any of these, it's probably why your piece got rejected.

We have a lot of members. We're closing in on 600 now, and we feel that a lot of you, especially the ones that are lesser known, are kind of just using this community as a dump for every single piece of fanart you do whether you spent time on it or not in hopes of getting some recognition as the other members will see your piece in their inbox. (This won't help by the way, as we'll just deny all of them. All you're really doing is annoying the admins.) This group was created as a place to showcase the best of your fanart, not throw fancrap at people; as such we wanted to limit the submission number to one per week, two max, if only so that you'll feel the need to draw better and better fanart. There's no way to limit this in terms of community permissions though, and so it's mostly on your honor that you only submit one every week.

So uh, since there are so many members and so many people submitting fanart every day, we're going to have to have a standard for quality of the submission. We still say submit the work you spent time and effort on - but like before, it's going to have to clear the admins first. However, as submission acceptance depends on the admins vote, this standard of quality isn't always going to be the same from admin to admin, so whether you get our vote our not depends. I'll be putting this into the rules section so it's very clear from now on.

Please don't be discouraged if your work was rejected, just keep drawing and make a better piece. ...But don't resubmit the same one that was rejected. We're just going to reject it again.

If you don't read this because you think you know already, and your work gets rejected continuously, don't complain to the admins cause we're just gonna link you to the entries you should have read before you started submitting.


Sorry to be a hardass on Christmas/Christmas Eve, guys. I didn't even take into consideration what day it was before I posted.

However, like I said above, we'd like people to keep in mind that this is a group with a lot of members and while we're trying to do some quality control here, there's still going to be a lot of pieces going through. If you don't want to see a lot of pieces of varying quality in your inbox, then you might want to re-consider watching/being in this group.

Quality control =/= your piece sucks. But do keep in mind what other people have been saying about this group and it's not always just the admins - I've read from quite a few members/watchers over the past week this group has been in existence  (and btw don't send me notes personally ==; send it to the group at #fanartists-club okay?) that there are too many submissions and a lot of the submissions suck. It the watchers of this group are just gonna spam the delete button in their inbox, or uncheck that deviation mark in their watch list... there is no point to this group then.

Please keep in mind where we are coming from. And goddammit guys, we aren't familiar with every fandom out there. Please make it clear in the deviation notes or something what fandom it's from. Checking up whatever common name you stick in there as the character's name isn't going to help me in Google search and I'd prefer not to have to go to Google in the first place.

Also! Remember that thing we had about tracing/copying/eyeballing/referencing/whatever? Tracing is a no when it comes to submitting to the group. So is a direct copy whether it was traced or eyeballed or not. Draw your own fanart, don't just copy other people's work. That's called practice, not called fanart. If it's a photo render from TV, that's up to our discretion.

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