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HEY sorry for the continuous blog posts! I realize that there are a lot of people whose first/primary language isn't English in this group but would still like to participate.

There's a new section in the rules now at the very top that says the following:
The rules of his club are written in English and is mostly an English speaking group. If you are having trouble understanding because English is not your first or primary language, please note the group at #fanartists-club or leave a comment [here]. Please write your note in English the best you can, as well as in whatever your primary language is (uh, tell us what language it is in English though just in case none of us speak it we can point you in the right direction). Hopefully one of the admins also speaks your language and can help you out.
There's quite a collection of languages among the admins and we're still discovering what each admin can speak/write in so hopefully someone can help out! Just make sure to note us BOTH in English and the language you speak - make your best attempt at English ;; though I guess if we can't understand we'll just say so.

Trying our best to be helpful~ if you have any questions - especially about the rules and what's allowed, NOTE US.

EDIT laaa wow the support from everyone is brilliant. We have admins from all over the world and members from all over the world! Thanks so much for volunteering your assistance~ I'm compiling member language names here so if our Admins don't speak that language don't be surprised if we ask one of you for assistance. <3
Chinese: huanyuu, CocaKura, riingo, 253421, Wolfie-chama, ren-s, yourcommonmuggle
Croatian: DeadlyNinja
Danish: ren-s
Dutch: Roxoah, D17rulez
French: kuro-mai, natira, D17rulez, oione, DavidDeb
German: XReichiX, D17rulez, yourcommonmuggle
Greek: natira
Indonesian: moesuke, lishtar
Italian: natira
Japanese: Blizz-Mii, f-wd, 253421, akinohara
Malay: Wolfie-chama
Portuguese: Esteljf, Washu-M
Romanian: Yeahyeahyeaaah
Russian: chernotrav WhiteKana, oione
Serbian: DeadlyNinja
Spanish: HeyAnn
Tagalog: CenaFenrier
Thai: isfairytell, shizero
Ukrainian: oione

Czech: elinkalo
Dutch: behindthetruth
Finnish: Henu-Chan, Varj0
French: titejojo, behindthetruth, Ailisea, shaynahall
German: behindthetruth, Animizu, Kamikaze-Kaito, Yaroumme
Ilonggo: PandorasDarkDreamer
Indonesian: mk17design
Italian: Dhesia, Ailisea, x--lalla--x, AsymptoticWay
Korean: wissy-j, SeolHee
Latvian: AnHellica
Malay: arjuu-na
Norwegian: LordMinato
Polish: Iselinka, Animizu
Portuguese: vvaporeon, graandine
Russian: AnHellica, Til-Til, brusnikina
Swedish: LordMinato, Varj0
Spanish: Celsa, T-SLA, Ailisea, Avielsusej
Tagalog: PandorasDarkDreamer
Thai: talespirit
Turkish: Yaroumme
Ukrainian: MissisSmith
Thanks so much for everyone's support! We want to make this club friendly to everyone, not just people who speak English.

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