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:bulletyellow: What kind of fanart is allowed?
    Submissions need to be in the fanart section of DA. Or at the very least state in the deviation description what it is fanart of, especially if it isn't from a mainstream series. If we don't know where it's from, we can possibly mistaken it for original work and reject it. We don't accept work primarily depicting original characters. We don't accept work depicting your fanart of someone else's original characters that are not a part of an established subject of fandom. We don't accept collaborated works. We don't accept photo manipulations; that includes edited stock images. We want the entire piece to be done by you (= We don't accept gijinkas. We don't accept fan fiction. We don't accept original characters based on an established subject of fandom eg. A customised character created for World of Warcraft gameplay, or an Avatar-ed version of someone who is not an established character of the film. We do accept lineart, but it must work as a piece on its own, not as a piece inviting people to colour.

:bulletyellow: Why was my submission declined?
    Your submission either fell outside of what we accept in our fanart, or your submission did not meet our Standard of Quality. Read on for an elaboration...

:bulletyellow: What is quality?
    As mentioned in the rules, fanart encompasses an extremely large portion of art on dA, so to avoid inbox flooding we can only accept submissions that are at or above a certain level of quality. What do we mean by quality? Clean presentation: This is particularly relevant for traditional works but of course may apply to digital works too. Scans/photos of works should be clear and sharp. Submissions on lined paper won't be accepted, nor will submissions where wrinkles in, or edges of the paper are visible. Secondly, we have a standard that is based on the typical quality of submissions we receive from all members. If your submission is declined, it means that we felt that your piece fell below the average quality of submissions. However, submissions that show great effort have a good chance of being accepted even if they are below the quality bar. So please submit only your best works. If your piece is declined, this does not mean that you're a bad artist. Our votes do not represent how good your work is, as that is entirely subjective and the result of your submission relies on many variables. All submissions require a certain number of votes before a decision is made, and so majority rules. Votes are rarely unanimous on any work, so please do not abuse our admin if you are unhappy with being declined because with the number of voters we have on hand, chances are you'll offend someone who didn't contribute a vote to your particular submission anyway.

:bulletyellow: What is the right folder?
    The folder categories are based on what your submission is fanart of. So if it's anime-style fanart of Jack Sparrow, it goes in the Film/TV folder, not Anime/Manga. Vocaloid fanart fits into the Software folder. If your fanart falls into two categories, it's up to you to decide which folder is most appropriate. Harry Potter for example can fall into both Film/TV and Literature. So if your fanart is of one of the actors in Harry Potter, in character, it probably belongs in the Film/TV folder. If it is purely fanart of the character from the book, then it would fall under Literature. Same goes for Iron Man fanart: if it's Robert Downey Jr, Film/TV; if it's Iron Man in general, Western Comics. The Celebrity folder is for "real-person" fanart, like actors and musicians. We understand that Celebrity art might not be widely recognised as fanart, but the intent is there and so we feel it is acceptable. Miscellaneous is for fanart that doesn't quite fall into any of the categories. This includes cross-overs where the fandoms fall in two different categories. If a work is a cross-over of two characters from different films, it can still go in Film/TV.

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